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Studies at the Faculty


Radioclub OMEGA – OM3KFF >>> http://www.om3kff.sk/

There are 1.5 million enthusiasts all around the world who are interested in radio waves and technology. We communicate together without undersea cables telephone or internet. You can also get familiar with the feeling what it is like to build a transmitter and an aerial on your own. Your signal can travel as far as Australia. We build radio receivers, tuners and aerials. We solder, assemble transmitter masts, cut and wind wires. The club offers a lot of opportunities for testing secondary school knowledge of physics – from a simple electric circuit to complex problems that may become a topic of a master diploma thesis. Radio amateurs invented a lot of new technologies. We hike, build portable hilltop aerials, monitor aeroplanes and amateur satellites. We represent Slovakia in international contests, e.g. a 48 hour contest aimed at the highest number of connections or transmission in difficult high mountain conditions.


STUBA Green Team >>> http://www.sgteam.eu/sk/

Our aim is to propagate qualities of Slovak students and show that even a small country like Slovakia can present remarkable achievements. Our objective is to design and assemble a formula type electric race car, take part in the European Formula Student Electric car race and compete with world student teams. Participation in the team is a challenge for vehicle design engineers, electrical engineers as well as for economists, managers, graphic artists and designers.


Student Residence Board >>> https://www.rus.sk/

Each Slovak University of Technology (STU) student residence has its own student board. The board is in charge of communication between students and residence management, represents students living in the residence and counsels the residence director. The board also answers students’ questions about current developments in the residence, helps with accommodation, participates in controls of hygiene, as well as in matters concerning residence renovation and improvement of the situation in the residence.


Ynet – more than just internet in the student residence >>> https://www.ynet.sk/sk/

Ynet is a civic association having about 3,500 members. It is active in all five STU student residences in Bratislava. Ynet’s main objective is to provide student access to computer networks and internet. We actively enhance students’ potential by organising different educational events. We also focus our efforts on the renovation of study rooms and other study premises. Ynet’s activities are run by a group of students in their free time.


IAESTE Slovakia >>> https://iaeste.sk/

IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) is an international association that is mainly in charge of specialist student exchange programmes for students of technical universities. It is part of IAESTE A.s.b.l. (Association sans but lucrative) international group that is registered in Luxembourg. Students can travel to 85 member countries where they can take part in special training in an academic institution or company. This is the way how students extend their language and specialist knowledge, get familiar with new culture and many find friends for their whole life among colleagues or other trainees. To many students the time spent abroad becomes unforgettable and represents a step to better future.


BEST Bratislava >>> https://best-bratislava.sk/

We are a Pan-European student organisation offering the opportunity to extend specialist knowledge to all STU students. Take part in a one week course that costs you just a few € and make friends all over Europe. You can take part in the course in four seasons in more than 90 cities. They are focused on a wide scale of technical and non-technical topics and it is even possible to score credits. Join the EBEC contest and move to the Pan-European round. The aim of the contest is to construct a prototype or solve a theoretical problem, where you can demonstrate your skills and abilities. Two times a year you can take part in soft skill trainings that will prepare you for your future job. Find your dream job at the fair in Brussels or at Job Forum that we co-organise with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


Nation of technical excellence >>> https://nationofte.sk/

We are the first Slovak nation of technical excellence. The history of university nations dates back to the beginnings of university education. We do not focus on any specific area or faculty. We focus on

personal development and community building for all STU students. We offer experience and expertise of students from other years of study, study programmes, faculties as well as university graduates. You are free to choose a mentor who will be at your disposal. We also care about cultural activities, sport and entertainment. It is normal that we go together to the cinema, bowling or squash. We are just human beings and from time to time we want to talk over cold beer in the pub. Occasionally we organise something unconventional like our lecturer disguised as Darth Vader from the Empire signature tune.


ŠPEAI – Student Parliament of Electrical and Informatics Engineers >>> http://www.portal.speai.sk/ (currently not operational)

The Student Parliament of Electrical and Informatics Engineers is a non-profit organisation working at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEI) and Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies (FIIT). One of its main objectives is to be an intermediary between students and faculty management if one party needs the help of the other one. We help students with further education in different areas of technology, organise specialist workshops or lectures. We also care about students’ free time by organizing entertaining events e.g. the glamorous student ball - “beánia”, EaI, FEIstival at FEI, table tennis and poker tournaments or football tournament of student organisations (Touring Monkey). Our activities also include contact with external companies and managements of FEI and FIIT. We also run Junák fitness centre at Mladosť student residence as well as the Student Club at FEI with a chill zone equipped with PS4. Twice a year in co-operation with the National Transfusion Service we organise the Blood Drop at FEI. Simply put, we are a small event agency for students, where everyone can find time and space for what he/she likes.


Student Residence Radio - IRŠ TLIS >>> http://www.tlis.sk/

We are a student residence radio working since 1981. We make quality radio programmes focused on alternative music scene, student life, art and culture. Our genre focus, dramaturgy, selection of music and performance make us a unique phenomenon in Bratislava region. Our choice of topics is not limited by commercial interests, control of the state or other organisations. Freedom of speech is fully enjoyed in TLIS. We are the only student radio working in Bratislava region as well as the only student radio focused on alternative music genres in Slovakia.