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Asian Online Journals (AOJ) publishes scholarly and peer reviewed journals. The journals provide forum and encourages scientists, researchers, academics, engineers, and practitioners in all aspects to share their professional and academic knowledge in the fields computing, engineering, science humanities, social sciences, management, economics, medical science, and related disciplines. Asian Online Journals also aims to reach a large number of audiences worldwide with original and current research work completed on the vital issues of the above important disciplines. All the journals of AOJ adopt an open access model that rapidly disseminates an author's work worldwide and increases its impact. The journals permit all readers to view, download and print the full-text of all published articles without any subscription or restrictions.


Asian Journal of Computer and Information Systems 2321 – 5658
Asian Journal of Engineering and Technology 2321 - 2462
Asian Journal of Business and Management 2321 - 2802
Asian Journal of Humanities and Social Studies 2321 - 2799
Asian Journal of Pharmacy, Nursing and Medical Sciences 2321 – 3639
Asian Journal of Fuzzy and Applied Mathematics 2321 – 564X
Asian Journal of Education and e-Learning 2321 - 2454
Asian Journal of Applied Sciences 2321 - 0893
Asian Journal of Agriculture and Food Science 2321 - 1571

The Asian Online Journals are fully committed to the Open Access Initiative and all articles will be available freely as soon as they are published. Please visit journal's webpage at for more details.