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More than a third of all high-tech and innovative laboratories within the 7 faculties of STU are on the premises of the FEI STU. Here are some of them:

- Laboratory of ordered molecular layers and nano-structures for molecular electronics

- Laboratory of diagnostics of electrical properties and reliability of electronic elements and integrated circuits

- Laboratory of specific microwave measurements

- Laboratory of digital signal processing and microprocessors

- Laboratory of nuclear physics methods

- Laboratory of electromagnetic compatibility

- High voltage laboratory (jpg, 2627kB)

- Laboratory of microwave electronics

- Laboratory of Raman spectroscopy

- Laboratory of lighting technology

- Laboratory of modern industrial information technologies

- Laboratory of intelligent motion systems and robotics

- Laboratory of new network technologies

- Laboratory of high-speed computer networks

- Laboratory of surface and thin layers analysis

- Laboratory of modelling and simulation of electro-physical properties of electronic structures and elements

- Laboratory of design and diagnostics of VLSI circuits

- Laboratory of telecommunication networks control

The FEI STU enjoys excellent academic reputation and it has acquired prestige among technical faculties in Slovakia and Czechia. According to the Academic rating and ranking agency, Slovakia (ARRA), it belongs to the best technical faculties in Slovakia (2nd place). Based on ARRA´s evaluation the FEI is the most successful technical faculty in Slovakia specializing in electrical engineering, information and communication technologies.

In their evaluation the Agency judged the quality of study conditions and the ratio of represented teachers to the number of students as well as the ratio of teachers with respective academic titles to the overall number of teachers. Another evaluation criterion was interest in study, i.e. attractiveness of the Faculty with regard to the number of applying students and the number of enrolled students. One of the criterions considered publication activities and quotations of creative faculty workers, another one took into account the number of PhD. students at the Faculty.

As for grants success, i.e. raising funds to channel support for science and research activities of workers, PhD. students and undergraduates, in ARRA´s evaluation the Faculty is the most successful workplace in Slovakia. The qualification level of the FEI within STU is above the average. This enabled the Faculty to gain the right to conduct induction procedures and the procedures for the appointments of professors in the majority of study specializations taught at the Faculty. The strong points of the Faculty rest not only in the pedagogical process, science and research but also in cooperation with practice – in sharing know-how with a lot of contract partners within industrial agreements at home and abroad.