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Science and Research

The primary goal of Faculty institutes and departments is to link high quality education with research and development.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of STU in Bratislava has sustained its position as a major centre of research and development. As far as grant success rate is concerned, the Faculty belongs to the most successful institutions in Slovakia.

Information and telecommunication systems and technologies, electronics and electrical engineering and their applications, automated systems and methods of their control, power and nuclear engineering are considered as most important scientific and research areas at FEI STU. Science and research at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology has to be primarily oriented on them.

The Faculty aims at sustaining its position as a major centre of science and research. This position must result in the quality that will be reflected in national and international projects, publications in CC international scientific journals, quotations, patents as well as participation of Faculty teachers and researchers in practical applications of latest technologies as well as in creating new development concepts of different sectors of Slovak national economy. The number of PhD. students who successfully completed their studies at FEI also represents a measurable indicator of quality.

Quality is also reflected in individual teachers' and researchers' efforts the Faculty can benefit from. It is therefore necessary to find means and forms of individual support of the most active and successful research workers.

In the area of science and research the Faculty is also focused on:

  • funding science and research by involving Faculty staff in all forms of VEGA, KEGA and APVV projects, competence centres, centres of excellency, EU framework programmes, bilateral and other international projects, government contracts as well as by funding from other sources.
  • co-operation of Faculty institutes and departments not only with major partners in the area of science (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University in Bratislava and other scientific institutions), but also with private companies active in related areas.
  • involving undergraduate and postgraduate students in research at the Faculty and in research centres in Slovakia and abroad.

The successful achievement of these goals can be enhanced also by integrating working groups and institutes and by concentrating staff members around the most significant personalities and authorities of the Faculty.