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Studies at the Faculty

The FEI STU provides a possibility to study abroad within Socrates programme, chapter Erasmus, at universities in EU countries. You have an opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience in a new country. The standard is that you spend one semester or the whole year at one of our partner universities and the subjects you accomplish will be thanks to ECTS recognized as part of your study. You do not pay any fees for study within Socrates programme at foreign universities. Currently the STU has bilateral contracts with 15 universities.

You can also accomplish international specialized study stays within mobility projects of Leonardo da Vinci programme in EU companies.

International study exchange and mobility projects are provided and secured by the Office for Programmes of EU (KPEÚ) at the FEI STU.

For students mobility projects represent an important milestone in their lives. This is also thanks to the professional preparation of these specialized study stays by the KPEÚ. Students are selected by way of KPEÚ on the basis of their professional curriculum vitae. Projects are submitted by business companies which choose suitable candidates according to their professional CV. If your study stay is successful, it can be followed up by an offer to do your diploma work or continue in doctoral study abroad. The students of the FEI STU represent high quality also in the old EU member countries. Your project solved abroad will be accepted at the FEI STU as one-term or whole year project. It must be emphasized that the STU would be unable to keep its renowned European research university status without involvements in joint international projects.

In the year 2005 the FEI STU sent via Socrates programme 7 students to partner universities. Within the same programme two foreign students studied at the FEI STU. Leonardo da Vinci programme enabled 12 of our students to solve projects in business companies of EU countries.