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Studies at the Faculty

Bachelor programs

The main purpose of the bachelor study (1st degree) is to provide an education for students in a specific field who have a sufficiently extensive theoretical and scientific basis to absorb recent knowledge in their field at a high level, and who know how to apply such knowledge in practice. By means of an appropriate choice of optional subjects a student can prepare himself to complete the bachelor study in order that he may either proceed to the master study (2nd degree) or go straight into employment well prepared for the requirements of his prospective employer.


Courses in the bachelor study program have a thorough theoretical basis in particular subjects and offer an integrated education in a professional field, with an emphasis on the acquisition of practical processes and skills.


The study of foreign languages and economic subjects is a part of a student’s preparation. A student may build up an individual profile within the field by means of compulsory, optional and recommended subjects. Towards the end of the course of study a student may specialise in subjects essential for the master study or in subjects of a practical nature. A student’s individual work involves mainly laboratory exercises and the completion of annual projects. At the end of the course a student will sit a state examination, part of which includes validation of final course-work.


Master programs

Courses for the Masters degree build on students’ bachelor-degree work and are aimed at the development of independent creative thinking and the ability to discover new solutions to complex problems.


Doctoral programs

Doctoral study represents the highest degree of academic education. The aim of the doctoral study is to prepare a graduand for individual creative scientific research-work by developing a methodology appropriate for scientific work and by encouraging the acquisition of theoretical knowledge directly related to the scientific project. Doctoral study simultaneously offers the graduand a program of study at the highest possible level of academic education. A doctoral graduate is able to work independently and creatively, to analyse problems, and to propose and realise new solutions. The requirements for successful completion of the doctoral study course also have an application in the higher positions of some major private firms.