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Studies at the Faculty

Several student organizations operate at the Faculty. An official representative of students of the Faculty is the Student Chamber of the Academic Senate. The Students Parliament enforces students´ interests and propagates and protects their rights. They publish a student magazine OkO. The Council of accommodated students which operates at the Mladosť hostel represents the accommodated students and fosters their interests in social, study, sport and cultural spheres. The Student hostel network (YNET) is a civil association formed with the aim to unite people sharing the same interest in creating and upgrading the intranet network in the student hostel Mladosť. Students have their own information server fei.sk and their discussion forum forum.fei.sk. The Board of European Students of Technology, BEST, a non-profitable and non-political student organization of top-level technical universities in Europe, operates here as well as the I.A.E.S.T.E. Slovakia, which is an international association for student technical traineeships within exchange schemes. There is also a popular IRŠ TLIS at the hostel, meaning “Radio studio in a thousand-bed hostel building”, born over 30 years ago out of initiative of several devoted enthusiasts. A traditionally strong student self-administration body with well-developed nation-wide university contacts is typical for the FEI STU.


University club Elam

It is situated on campus in Mlynská dolina, on the ground floor of AB blocks of the student hostel Mladosť. Its activities are divided into 8 interest groups: Propagation – Advertising department, Video and technology, Music theatre, KMIT – interest group dealing with microcomputer technology, Photo and Omega – club for radio-amateurs, Social functions organizers and attendants – bar. You can become a member, too. You can attend regular performances of pop or other groups like Chiki-liki-tu-a, Gladiátor, Hex, Le Payaco, Para, Polemic, Vidiek, Zuzana Smatanová, but Elán, Richard Müller or Miro Žbirka performed there as well. From the area of electronic music we hosted this year the renowned Jimpster, D-Bridge, Spirit Catcher and others. Thematic discos are quite common and once a month we hold the biggest OLDIES disco in Bratislava where people dance on two storeys and three dance-floors. You can experience the biggest club party in Slovakia – Doubledecker. But you can also enjoy a cultural, literary or film programme. Sports relays in Elam are projected on a large screen. You can relax in Elam every day with good music and refreshing drinks. See more on www.elam.sk.


U PeCe

You can also spend your leisure time in the University Pastoral Centre situated in Mlynská dolina. It provides advisory and guidance service and spiritual activities – daily services, confessions, prayers, small communities, premarital preparations. They have various voluntary teams. From among their regular social functions video-projections, concerts, theatre visits, lectures, ballroom dancing and latino-dance, balls, Thursday tidying, Bloody Tuesdays – blood donors come to the mobile transfusion centre, and sports are worth mentioning. In the Libresso – the Centre´s common room is also the mascot – a stove. They also have a chapel, small and large hall, library and reading-room, a small computer corner, a kitchenette. Find current information on www.upc.uniba.sk.