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Institute of Electronics and Photonics (IEP) FEI STU in Bratislava


is organizing 1 week course "Complex Analysis of Advanced Micro-/Nano-Electronic Structures".

The course will be held

on 16th - 20th April 2012

in premises of the IEP, and is primarily aimed at PhD students and researchers from European universities and research institutes active in micro- and nano-electronics. The course fulfils all the criteria imposed by the FP7 EURO-DOTS program, and has been provisionally granted the EURO-DOTS label. Detail information about the course, program and registration are at the course web page: http://kme.elf.stuba.sk/PhD_Course/. PhD students can select this course if it fits directly with their area of interest as a complement to courses that they can take at their home university. ECTS Credits are awarded to individual students after completion of the course and after successfully passing the exam/evaluation organized at the completion of the course. Moreover, PhD students, fulfilling the requirements, can apply for a scholarship that can cover course subscription fee, travel and accommodation costs.

The calendar and detailed description of the EURO-DOTS labelled PhD courses that are open for all PhD students in Europe can be found on EURO-DOTS courses. All information dealing with the application for such a scholarship and the eligibility criteria can be found on Students >> Rules and application procedure.

Do not hesitate and take this unique opportunity to attend one of these advanced courses organized by universities or centres with the genuine expertise in this field! Select the course that fits your needs and apply for a scholarship!

EURO-DOTS Poster (pdf, 104 kB)

Doctoral Course Program (pdf, 299 kB)

Flyer (pdf, 728 kB)