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Magnetic Measurements (MM) is a biennial conference since 1984, held alternately in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, but in 2008 the conference site was Budapest. In 2012, the workshop of Universal Network for Magnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation (UNMNDE) will be organized afterwards the MM conference. The conference provides an excellent opportunity for scientists and engineers mainly (but not exclusively) from Central Europe to share ideas and experience in the field of magnetic measurements.

Hotel Hutník, Tatranské Matliare
September 2nd - 8th, 2012
the FEI STU in Bratislava, EF ŽU Žilina, Slovenská fyzikálna spoločnosť, Fyzikálny ústav SAV, Spolok absolventov a priateľov FEI STU (EF SVŠT)

URL: http://iris.elf.stuba.sk/mm2012